Stories of God’s Faithfulness

Stories of God’s Faithfulness

God often speaks truth to us through storytelling

Stories are everywhere we go. They echo in school halls, shine bright in cinema, and certainly intertwine within the many relationships at Salem. Some stories are good stories: a mom overcoming cancer, or a child defeating death. Others are harder to swallow: our loved-one didn’t make it, or the house fire refused to be quenched.

Stories shape who we are and it is through stories that we communicate the most amazing truth the world will ever know. This truth is that the God of the universe saw it fit to step down from His throne to rescue a people doomed to eternal death. God sent His Son to save those who place their faith in Jesus. The God of this great Gospel narrative is the same God who appears in each of our stories.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

As Christians we are to go and tell all people of the work of God. If God has entrusted you with a story of His work and faithfulness in your life, we want to hear about it and help you share your story! It may be a tremendous blessing to others. You don’t have to be a great storyteller, we’ll help you every step of the way.