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Section 3: Discipleship

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Describe A Time When You Endured Suffering. How Did You Respond? What Did You Learn?*

When Was The Last Time You Intentionally Viewed Pornographic Material?*

If You Have Recently Viewed Porn, Have You Talked To Anyone About It? How Are Now Pursuing Purity?*

What Does It Mean To Be Teachable, Humble, and Fluid. Would You Describe Yourself In These Ways?*

Describe A Time When Someone Corrected You. How Did You Respond? What Did You Learn?*

How Do You Feel God Is Calling You To Be Part Of His Mission? What Do You Think Your Next Chapter Of Life Will Be Like?*

Section 4: Missions

Have You Been On Any Other Mission Trips? Where Did You Go? What Did You Do?*

List Any Skills, Talents, Or Training You Have That Could Be Useful For This Trip:*

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Who Is Your One? — Are You Intentionally Pursuing A Discipleship Relationship This Year With Someone You Regularly Interact With Who Does Not Know Christ?*

Who is Your One? *

Is There Anything That Could Potentially Restrict Your Commitment To This Trip?*

List Your Top 3 Strengths And Weaknesses. How Could These Be A Help Or Hindrance To Us On This Trip?*

What Do You Hope To Gain From This Trip?*

What Expectation Do You Have For This Trip?*