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Below are some frequently asked questions to help you understand how Salem Baptist Preschool operates. If you have any questions not answered on this page, scroll down to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

How Does Enrollment Work2022-10-03T13:06:55-04:00

Our registration is held for the upcoming school year at the beginning of January. We have several different registrations, including in-house church members, in-house non-church members, church members who are new to the preschool, siblings of in-house students, alumni, and public. Public registration is done by lottery, so one person’s chances of getting in are just as good as another’s. Once your child is enrolled in our preschool, he/she is guaranteed a spot until graduating from one of our fours classes. After public registration, all openings are filled on a first come/first serve basis.

What are your hours?2022-07-14T15:57:05-04:00
Preschool begins at 9:15 AM and ends at 12:15 PM. We do not offer an early drop off or late pick up program.
What are your student-teacher ratios?2022-10-03T13:07:26-04:00

Our student to teacher ratio is as follows:

  • Toddlers: 8:2
  • Two year olds: 10:2
  • Three year olds: 12:2
  • Four and five year olds: 14:2
What are your teacher requirements?2022-07-14T15:58:52-04:00

Our first requirement is for our staff to be mature Christians who follow the Lord in leading your children. Our three, four, and five year old lead teachers are required to have a four year college degree or the equivalent. Many of our leads have degrees in education. Even though our teacher assistants are not required to have college degrees, many of them do. All staff receive background checks on a regular basis.

What do you teach?2022-07-14T16:06:37-04:00

Our emphasis is on children’s overall development, self regulation, problem solving, social competence and cognitive skills. Early childhood specialists have found that the knowledge obtained through play is phenomenal. Each classroom day consists of both play and instructional time. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, “Child initiated, teacher supported play that incorporates math and language skills is an essential component of what is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers.”

Our priority is also their spiritual development through classroom experiences, chapel, and music. Upon graduating from Salem, our students are very well prepared for kindergarten. Many area elementary schools, both public and private, tell us they are excited when they get students from Salem Baptist Preschool because they know these children are ready for kindergarten.

Is parental participation permitted?2022-10-03T13:07:52-04:00

Our Open Door Policy always welcomes parents, but please remember that your child needs to adjust to preschool and a new class in order to become independent. If needed, you may observe in the classroom at a time that will not be disruptive to the children. There will be opportunities throughout the year where parents are invited to participate in classroom activities. We have a very active Preschool Parent Association (PPA) that does fundraisers and sponsors teacher appreciation events. Every classroom has one or two PPA representatives which gives parents additional opportunities to be more involved in the classroom.

What is the difference between a four year old class and the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class?2022-10-04T15:54:14-04:00

Four year old classes are for children who turn four on or before August 31 of that preschool year, and the TK class is designed for children who turn five on or before August 31. Children in the TK class could be enrolled in kindergarten according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s cut-off date, but parents choose to allow them to have an extra year of preschool. The TK class is a little more academic than the four year old classes because these children are older and have already completed a fours program. When they graduate from the TK class, they go to kindergarten and not into a first grade class.

How secure is your campus?2022-10-04T15:54:39-04:00

Once preschool begins, outside doors are locked. For the safety of our children, specific details about how to enter the building during preschool hours and other lock down procedures will not be listed on the internet. Feel free to speak to the Director if you have additional questions.

Do you have a carpool for students?2022-07-14T16:07:55-04:00

Because our teachers wish to get to know parents on a personal level and to allow parents to meet each other, we do not have a carpool drop off or pick up. Parents bring their children to the classroom in the mornings and pick them up there at dismissal.

Do children have to be potty trained?2022-10-03T13:08:40-04:00

Children enrolled in the threes, fours, or TK classes must be potty trained and able to take care of their own bathroom needs. This means they must wear underwear to school and not diapers or pull-ups. If given parental permission and if needed, teachers can assist students.

Do you operate on a particular school calendar?2022-07-14T16:09:06-04:00

With a few exceptions, we follow the Wake County Public School’s traditional calendar.

Are you equipped for children with special needs?2022-07-14T16:09:26-04:00

Salem Baptist Preschool is not presently equipped or trained to accept students who are developmentally challenged outside of their chronological age level; therefore, children must be the developmental, chronological and cognitive age of the class they enter. All students who are receiving any developmental assistance must present all evaluations to the Director prior to entry or contact the Director concerning when evaluations will be available.

What is your ESL (English as a Second Language) policy?2022-07-14T16:08:23-04:00

Salem Baptist Preschool is blessed to be located in an area of great ethnic diversity. An ESL (English as a Second Language) student is by definition a child who does not understand or speak English, has not been exposed to English, or needs to learn English. For the safety, well-being, and best interest of all children, students enrolled in Salem Baptist Preschool must be able to communicate in English. Unlike public schools which receive state funding for ESL specialists, Salem Baptist Preschool is not equipped for, nor is able to serve students who are unable to communicate using the English language. Our intentions are not to exclude ESL children, but simply to make our environment safe for everyone; therefore, Salem Baptist Preschool reserves the right to deny or cancel enrollment to the school at any point in time if the child’s teacher, the preschool director, or the preschool governing board feel that the student cannot effectively communicate using the English language.

What is your inclement weather policy?2022-10-03T13:09:43-04:00

If the Wake County School System closes school, the preschool will also close. If Wake County delays opening by either one or two hours, the preschool will open at 10:15 AM and dismiss at 12:45 PM. If Wake County delays opening by three hours, the preschool will be closed. Since we begin school in August and tuition is not charged until September, we have several build in inclement weather days as well as additional days as outlined in the Parent Handbook, so we will not make up missed days unless we exceed those allowed. If Wake County announces they will dismiss early due to approaching bad weather, we ask you to come for your child immediately because many of our staff will need to leave in order to pick up their own children. Please listen to the radio, TV, or check Wake County Public School decisions and announcements.

Are you equipped for children with special medical/health conditions?2022-07-14T16:09:46-04:00

Children with medical needs will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Admission will be determined by the Director and the Weekday Preschool Committee. All medical conditions must be disclosed on the registration form prior to enrollment.

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