Trans World Radio (TWR) Needs Volunteers

November 14–27

With headquarters right here in Cary, NC, TWR (Trans World Radio) is the most far-reaching Christian media organization in the world. TWR uses radio and digital media to overcome barriers to the gospel, and they have invited our church to participate in an upcoming event.

In early and mid-November, TWR is partnering with Moody Radio stations across parts of the U.S. for a unique on-air fundraising event. Funds raised in this event will extend the reach of Moody President Dr. Mark Jobe’s radio program, called Bold Steps, into Singapore, Nigeria, and Malawi with the goal of making disciples of Jesus in those nations.

On November 14-17, TWR is inviting you to volunteer in our Cary office taking phone calls and processing donations. If you are interested in volunteering for these events, please visit TWR’s online sign-up form to choose slots that work with your schedule. Feel free to sign up for as many as you like! To learn more about TWR’s ministry, please visit

Thank you for considering!