Baptist on Missions Hurricane Florence Rebuild

May 2–5

Hurricane Florence is the most devastating natural disaster that North Carolina has ever experienced (approximately 100,000 homes affected). This disaster is so big that it has required a long term rebuild response by the NC Baptist on Missions (NCBOM) to help get many people back in their homes. NCBOM currently has three different large rebuild centers (including one in Lumberton) where they can house and feed many volunteers who are working on homes. NCBOM manages the rebuilding of homes from these “rebuilding hubs”. So far, over 5,800 recovery jobs have been completed, yet work remains.

We are organizing a Salem trip to Lumberton in early May to assist in the rebuild process. The dates are May 2nd-5th and no prior training in required! There is a charge of $10 per person per day, which helps cover your meals (3 meals per day), lodging and insurance. NCBOM allows individuals in the 6th grade or older to participate. For more information please contacct Bobby Nichols at or 919-931-9574.

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